If one needs to travel to Coorg one needs to explore the coffee plantations.
It is a beautiful experience far from the city to know how coffee reaches your mug and how it's planted,plucked,brewed or created.
A visit to coffee plantations also involves a tour in the estate with a resource person or guide to tell you the temperature, moisture,soil or whole process of planting, maintaining and brewing.
One also comes to know types of coffee beans, plantations,package,processing and the hard work of the coffee plantation workers .
It also teaches people from city life the value of gardening,nature, plantation, ecosystem,nature conservation etc.
In current pandemic we have learnt how important it's for us to be connected to nature,roots and the ecology.Kid"s also can learn a lot in coffee tours.This experience helps them to respect food and mother Earth.
The tour may also by trekking, traveling in vehicles or bikes.
One can also know about farm animals ,fruits or spices as Coorg is famous for Spices like Pepper, Cardamom etc .One can know how these are grown,touch or feel them.
This tour is a beautiful experience for most and also can be customized as per the comfort of the guests.
It's a travel to heritage from the yore of the city among the dusty or Misty Coorg trails.Most guests have an amazing experience which lasts a life time.