Facts about Eco habitat

  • Eco habitat is a plantation stay; coconut farm intercropped with spice plants not a resort. We offer all the amenities and comforts required by a responsible traveler and would like to emphasize that.
  • Eco habitat has 2 private pool Villas and 2 twin bedroom suites with dedicated pool.
  • Eco habitat is just about a 5 minute’s walk from the banks of the river Kaveri.
  • Strictly no smoking inside the cottage. Smoking is allowed in the common area and dining area.
  • Switch off lights, fans and TV when not required. Conserve energy.
  • Kindly use solar powered lights in the Villas only in the evening and night times.
  • Kindly request kids not to write and eat in and around the bed area.
  • We serve organic handmade soaps and shampoos at Eco habitat.
  • At Eco habitat, we believe in maintaining a harmonious relationship with nature by minimizing the impact and preserving this rich bio diverse ecosystem
  • Help us maintain the cleanliness at Eco habitat by not littering.
  • Hot water in the washrooms is available. Water is heated through firewood available on the farm. Let us know about a half hour [30 mins] before you need hot water, which will help us serve you hot water in time and also conserve precious energy [fire wood].
  • We are there to discuss with you and help plan your meals, snacks and beverages in advance. Since everything is freshly home-cooked and served early intimation will help us to serve you in time.
  • We would appreciate if you have your breakfast before 11 am.
  • Snacks and beverages can be served at the Villa – however we request our guests to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the dining area.
  • As we do not spray harmful chemicals and insecticides – we request not to open the mesh windows and also keep the door closed in the evening times. This will prevent the insects from coming inside the Villa, due to the attraction of light.
  • Dry leaves and insects do fall in the pool at times, we request you to let us know of your usage of the pool – so that our staff can net up the dry leaves. We do have a filtration unit for the pool.
  • We have maintained Eco Habitat in the most natural way possible so as to provide the true experience of nature as it should be.
  • Apart from Spices we also grow a lot of seasonal organic vegetables, fruits and greens. We also use the same for cooking and serving our esteemed guests.