About Us

Here is a tribute to good life!

Let me tell you about Eco Habitat. I Som and my wife Chethana quit our mainstream job in Bangalore and we opted Co-org to settle doing Vanilla farming in 2004. We understood that a lot of our like minded friends and known people were interested to come to Coorg and spend time with us during the weekends.

So we decided to make and run a farm/home stay on our Organic farm. Our organic spice plantation is located very close to river Kaveri. The best part is that we get to see wildlife on the opp bank of the river in the reserve forest called Dubare. It’s a treat to watch the sunrise by the river bank.

We have 2 private pool Villas and 2 twin bedroom suite with dedicated pool built on the farm. We haven't compromised on the quality of the materials used in the villas, like the spring mattress, DuPont linens, satellite TV, private pool, solar powered lights, power back up and a huge lawn area in front of the cottages.. The Villas are built from natural late-rite rocks.

Eco Habitat

finest Resort

welcome drink

Guests get welcome drinks as per their choice which is natural and grown in our farm. Any personal or other choice of guests is looked after by serving best suitable drinks as per health,taste and palate. Our chef is always cooking best,organic and healthy keeping in mind the health, hygiene and protocols.

swimming pool

Two types of swimming pools are available which is quite unique.One is normal which is for all. Second one is attached and exclusive for guests as it's private.Entrance of the pool is through the guest rooms. So it's exciting, exclusive and hygienic.

food included

Home chefs cook and serve choice of foods to the guests. Best part is most are grown in the garden of the resort and guests can pick and choose what they want. Both normal and Ala carte available for guests. All health and sanitization protocol is done to maintain hygiene standards.

private pool suite

Private pool suite

Private and exclusive suit is available which is world class and something unheard in India. Guests have their own privileged access to the pool which is suited to health, safety,fitness even in Covid times.

Garden view rooms

Privileged ones staying in Eco habitat can hear chirping of birds and enjoy nature as all our rooms have beautiful garden view. This is something one misses in a city life. It"s a paradise to on Earth and our guests always have fond memories of staying here.

Garden view rooms