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Dubare Elephant Camp

A world famous elephant camp about 15 mins drive from Eco Habitat. Here one can bathe the elephants in river Kaveri.Also witness feeding them.A brief explanation about the elephants by the naturalist and also a small ride on the elephant.

Chickli Hole Reservior

A beautiful water body just about 18 mins drive from Eco Habitat. A beautiful lake covered with lush green forest. One can also opt to cycle to this spectacular place from Eco- habitat.

View from Raja Seat - Coorg

According to legend, the Kings of Coorg spent their evenings with their consorts here. A photographic view of the lofty mountains, grassy meadow, steep dale, wide spread paddy fields can be enjoyed from Raja’s Seat.

Omkareshwara Temple

Ancient temple dedicated to lord Shiva. It has a beautiful Kalyani with lots of fishes in it. Kids shall love feeding the fishes here. There are some outstanding old paintings of god and goddess in the temple complex.


Situated in the heart of western Ghats in the Brahmagiri hill range. This is the birth place of river Cauvery. This place holds a lot of spritual significance. Any nature lover shall appreciate its beauty


A spectacular place where 3 rivers meet, Kaveri,Kannika and Sujyothi. Its considered very sacred to bathe here and seek the darshan of lord Shiva at the famous temple called Bagandeshwara.

Cauvery River

Just about 5 mins walk from the pool Villa. Nature lovers who love to watch the river and also various species of migratory and resident birds. Dubare forest on the other side of the bank is the home to a lot of species of birds and animals.

Abbi Falls Temple

This place will beckon all the nature lovers. A treat to watch this water fall in any season.

Irupu falls

Situated in south coorg. The water here appears like milk and is very beautiful to watch,an artist's delight