River Rafting :

Will be organised during the monsoon between the months of july to October. Its a lot of fun and adventure
but at the same time its totally safe. Trained man power will assist the begginers in rafting. All the safety
equipments like life jackets and helmets will be provided and its mandatory must use.The rafting lasts
about two to three hours depending on the speed of river flow. One can get to experience about 5-6 rapids
which will be a cherishing and memorable experience. A must in monsoon very highly recommended. During
the non-monsoon days we also organise still water rafting

Elephant Interaction:

A world famous elephant camp about 15 mins drive from Eco Habitat. Here one can bathe the elephants in river Kaveri.Also witness feeding them.A brief explanation about the elephants by the naturalist and also a small ride on the elephant.

Plantation Tour [coffee & spice tour]:

Coming to Coorg and not knowing about the plantation crops will be an incomplete experience.
We will take you on a walk through the plantation and tell you in detail about the different types of
Coffee and the process that it goes through before it reaches your cup. In addition you will be shown
Cardamom plants,the Pepper and Vanilla Vines and told in detail about how these are grown and


We have 3 places where trek can be organised. Coorg is a popular destination among trekkers for short and long treks. Once the guest arrives and we interact with them and suggest the place accordingly based on thier interest and needs.

Jungle Safari:

Safari inside the jungle is organised with prior notice. One can take safari either early in the morning between
6 am to 9 am or late in the evening between 4.30 pm to 7 pm. These timings are recomended so the one can
get to spot the maximum of wil life in the jungle. Animals like wild Elephants,deers,bears,bison,leopard,
peacocks a lot of variety of birds and if lucky even a Tiger


New section to be included. Tents and camp fire shall be arranged by the backwaters of Harangi dam also barbeque on request. an ideal place for half day picnic.


Coorg adventure club has recomends a fishing camp near Valnoor which is about 20 mins drive from Eco habitat. With prior notice fishing can be organised with coracle.

Amateur Astronomy:

for people interested in star gazing at night. Heaven is not the word. Telescope shall be arranged with prior notice.

Organic Farming / Diary Farming:

You can indulge yourself in the farming activities @ ECO HABITAT, like sowing,harvesting,pruning, manuring,de-weeding etc. One can also feed and milk the cows if interested.

4 x 4 Driving:

The terrain in Coorg is apt for off-roading. We take you in a 4 wheel drive vehicle in some of the toughest terrains with prior notice.

Bird Watching:

Coorg is home to a lot of species of birds. The western ghats is home to over 500 species of birds. With prior notice permission from forest dept shall be obtained for birding.