We the pioneers in the field of luxury farm stay and soft adventure, Eco Habitat started by Som & Chethana as a labour of their love for the outdoors and luxurious indoors.

With soft adventure family holidays as our main focus, we at Eco Habitat believe in reintroducing city folk to the wonders of nature in its purest form. Our various off-beat destinations across Coorg, far away from crowded tourist places, offer people the chance to get acquainted with nature and the outdoors in a refreshing and phased manner. There is no sudden shock to the system as you gradually come to terms with life away from the concrete jungle, slowly pushing yourself to do unusual outdoor things like forest walks and river crossing, a meal at a local house in far off village, but without having to forgo any of the basic creature comforts that you are used to. And for those more inclined towards real adventure we also offer some spectacular long treks and breathtaking jeep safaris deep in Coorg & Western Ghats.

We have always believe in taking people to unheard of places and provide them with new, uncommon experiences, that’s why we make use of offbeat retreats set among some of the most naturally beautiful, remote Coorg locales. We are, of course aware of the ecological concerns that Coorg is faced with, and are keenly doing our bit at each and every one of our locations. Eco Habitat is situated very close to river Kaveri. It’s a beautiful coconut farm intercropped with Vanilla & Cardamom. There is small dairy farm in Eco Habitat which takes care of all the dairy needs as well as bio gas for the kitchen.
Heating of water is done with fire wood available on the farm.

The unusual mix of beauty, comfort and adventure that you will find, our holidays have been carefully cultivated to ensure that you get to experience a unique activity driven holiday that is physically arduous but mentally rejuvenating.